A Touch of Old-World Charm: California Wall Design Brings Venetian Plaster to Life

December 23, 2023

Venetian Plaster Restaurant Los Angeles

Venetian plaster is making a dramatic comeback, thanks in part to companies like California Wall Design (CWD) who have mastered this classical decorative finish. With its rich, layered textures and customizability, it’s no wonder everyone wants a bit of this Old-World charm for their walls.


venetian plaster california wall design

An Ancient Technique Made New Venetian plaster dates back over 1500 years to Italy, taking its name from the ornately finished walls of Venice. It fell out of fashion for decades but has surged back into luxury homes and upscale spaces. California Wall Design recognized the artistic potential early on.

“We saw plaster as the optimal medium allowing both breathtaking beauty and versatility within a space,” says CWD founder Steve March. “There’s an elegance from the sheen and depth achievable.”

Whether a porcelain-smooth troweled look or bold travertine finish, Venetian plaster has drama. Mother-of-pearl aggregates or real gold leaf accents provide showstopper embellishments. Yet it remains organic and touchable unlike stone, metal or glass surfaces.

The California Wall Design Difference

Over 20 years producing bespoke plaster creations for A-list clients has honed CWD into an industry leader. Every project starts by consulting directly with customers on the aesthetic vision for the space. This specialization is why top designers and architects refer discerning clients to California Wall Design time and again for impressive Venetian plaster installations.

Their master plaster artisans transform basic wall substrates into works of wearable art. There is a level of finesse in techniques modern tradesmen rarely acquire. “We bring out depth and enhance architectural elements of a room with color, sheen, texture not achievable by just anyone,” March notes. “Our plasterers are truly keeping heritage arts alive.”

Whether a restaurant feature wall, boutique hotel lobby, or luxury residential library, California Wall Design has real mastery elevating environments with the beauty of Venetian plaster. This is decorative finishing at its finest.