Real Gold Leaf Stencil and Room

This a job in Diamond Bar, CA which is close to Los Angeles. The client wanted it to be pure 23.75 real gold leaf room.

Real Gold Leaf Los Angeles

The purpose of this room was so she could pray and recite the Gayatri mantra which was a stencil I got from Etsy. I also did a platform that she could sit her statues and deities on.


How to do a gold leaf stencil

Using real gold leaf is much more challenging than using composition gold leaf. Especially the 23.75 karat is almost 100% pure. 24 karat is 100% pure and so the 23.75 is very close to pure gold.

Learn how to real gold leaf stencil

So if you touch the gold leaf with your fingers it will disintegrate and stick right to your fingers. You have to use very soft artist brushes.

what to use for a real gold leaf room

The sheets are also smaller than normal composition gold leaf, so it takes a lot more time to lay the sheets correctly. 

23.75 karat los angeles california

pure gold leaf los angeles

Real gold leaf has a very high vibration. That is why the client chose real gold leaf. It also will never tarnish and you don't need to seal the ceiling and the stencil which is nice. I had to seal the platform with lacquer.

real gold leaf platform

 How to do a gold leaf stencil