About Us

Striving to Make Beautiful Spaces

We care about creating unique finishes.


The artists at California Wall Design create "couture" surfaces for interior and architectural projects.  We design and install surfaces in Metals(Gold, Silver and Copper Leaf), Precious Metals, Gilded Plasters, and Hand-made Waxes.  Deborah Jordan, our lead artist, began developing the chemical formulas for the leaf finishes and the wax formulas in 1989.  The finishes are applied directly to walls, ceilings, canvas and accessories.  In addition, all of our finishes can be ordered as wallpaper.

California Wall Design is recognized for their expertise in gilding and verre eglomise.  Their constant innovation in the studio ensures being in the forefront of trends relevant to the interior design industry.  

Our signature finishes are: Gold, Copper, and Silver Leaf in Single Layers and Double Leaf Layers.  Our unique Acid Wash Finish (different chemical combinations) can be applied to gold, copper, and silver leaf to achieve different patina effects.  We also have techniques for tinting the leaf to any color.  Another technique and finish that is unique to our company: the hand-made waxes, a formula developed in our studio which creates a rich and creamy surface full of subtle color variation.


Glass Gilding, Verre Eglomise is a process of tinting, etching, or painting the glass, we create an antiqued or aged look. Our antiqued glass is created using the traditional method of water gilding on glass and aging is based on the level of distressing wanted by the client. Our collection ranges from replicating mercury plates, acid washes, tinted leaf and the use of hand-colored tinted glass.  Our gilded glass has been used for doors, table tops, ceilings, and walls.

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