Antique Gold Leaf Mirror

We took this 200-year-old antique mirror with beautiful woodcarvings and transformed this into a stunning modern masterpiece. We do gold leaf mirrors a lot. So I wanted to post some before and afters of this beautiful mirror. It stood at 22 feet tall and more than 6 feet wide.

beautiful gold leaf mirror los angeles


We did this mirror in Beverly Hills in November of 2018.


22k gold leaf mirror


This was a before picture. As you can see this mirror was so big it required to sets of bakers scaffolding. 

24 karat gold leaf mirror


We started off preparing the wood and cleaning it preparing it for an oil-based sizing. 


learn how to gold leaf mirror


This is a close up of the amazing carvings of this wood mirror.


how to gold leaf a mirror


Once we gold leaf the whole mirror we then antiqued the mirror with an acyclic ink made by Golden.


Beverly Hills Gold leaf mirror

Me and my worker/friend Luis.


stunning gold leaf mirror