Tim | Artist & Contractor

Tim has 12 years of experience as an artistic painter. He offers a wide range of skills and techniques including: gilding, venetian plaster, lacquered finishes, and wax. With his brothers, he ensures every attention to detail is met. 

Debbie | President & Artist

Deborah Jordan earned a master’s degree in American Studies from the University of Missouri. She taught English and art several years before becoming a full-time artist. She believes that transforming personal space has a great psychological impact on the spirit.  “When people feel good in their space they “nest” more, relax more, and have an improved quality of life.”  Deborah states, “An artist’s true talent is her ability to visualize and create transformation, either in renovating the old and out-dated or in creating from a brand new space.” Her love for color, texture and drama began in Naples, Florida. She has developed two unique finishes that are not done by other artists, the product for the finishes was developed after some trial and error. The Old World Wax is a combination and blend of waxes with colored pigment. The Old World Wax Finish is perfect for a Mediterranean or tuscany style home with its suede appearance, but with a final coat of wax, its similar appearance to venetian plaster makes it the perfect finish for a contemporary to transitional style home. The gold leaf, copper leaf, and silver leaf finishes have acid washes, that are applied to create unique one of a kind end product. The colors range from antique gold and copper to blues, reds, violets, and the silver can be become a tarnished pewter to a beautiful pearl pink.

Thom | Artist & Project Manager

Thomas Jordan earned a degree in International Business from Florida State University. When he wasn't studying, he was busy paying for his education through faux finishing.  By establishing the company Dharma Finishes while in Tallahassee, FL he was able to continue practicing the trade he learned while in high school. While studying abroad in London and backpacking through Europe he continued to study art and took a keen interest in photography. His love for photography inspired him to move back to his home state of New York and take an internship at the Annie Leibovitz Studio. While interning and studying photography he continued his decorative painting career by working with many talented artists and designers in New York City.  After leaving the city and moving west, he has established California Wall Design with his brothers in order to bring a little love and beauty to the west coast.

Mike | Artist

Mike brings organization to the team. He has been a student of learning effectiveness and time management for years and keeps the team going on or ahead of schedule. He has a keen eye for detail, his pride in his work is evident in whatever the scenario entails. Mike takes on the role of Creative Producer within California Wall Design. He has a passion for the arts, and loves the uses of color and texture in creating new spaces. Mike is looking international when it comes to design and creating, bringing in ideas from his world travels.