What's happening with California Wall Design, Interview with Mike Jordan

August 30, 2012


I was able to catch up with Mike Jordan, artist at California Wall Design to find out what's new with their business. We conducted the interview at their LA studio. Here's a little Q&A with Mike. 

Thom:  Tell me about your team, what does everyone do?

Mike:  We all do our thing to promote and grow the business, Tim does lots of different things at any given time, right now he's leafing a 16" by 48"(40.64cm x  121.92cm) canvas into a red silver leaf cracked finish. Mom is working on samples. 

Thom:  Sweet, so you guys are all artists, you guys all help out?

Mike: Yeah, We have pretty much all learned from the master.

Thom:  What's CWD's main focus right now, art or finishes?

Mike: Finishes. We are doing our best to get our name out there here on the west coast, 90% finishes 10% art at the moment.

Thom:  Is it true you guys are going to Russia?

Mike:  Yes, that is about 90% accurate. We are working with Tracy Murdock of L&M Design here in LA. The job would be a huge penthouse with 3 floors of venetian.

Thom:  Tell me some of the other designers you have been talking and working with?

Mike: We are working with Barry Livingstone, he's a very well known designer based out of Malibu. We are about to get commissioned on a house in Malibu. Huge venetian walls, lots of triple leaf and other finishes. Its in the pipeline, it hasn't started yet.

Thom:  What other designers have you recently met with?

Mike: We recently met with HBA, Hirsh Bedner Associates, Thomas Schoos, Creative Reserach Asscoicates here in LA, Norman Design Group. 

Thom:  Was there a recent one? I heard a lot of buzz about dropping off a gold and silver leaf package to someone?

Mike: Yeah. We have a meeting with Gensler. Gensler is a big hospitality design firm.

Thom:  So, from what I understand it sounds like you guys are on the verge of positioning yourselves on the forefront in this field in LA, and possibly internationally as well. 

Mike: Hopefully, it takes time, just introducing yourself and letting people know you exist.

Thom:  What advise would you give to artists and/or people running their own business?

Mike:  You got to keep going, everyday. 

Thom: Sounds like your team is multi-talented, they are able to run everything inside the business?

Mike: You got to learn to run everything.

Thom: Are there any other projects you're working on now or anything that adds to your overall artistic expression?

Mike:  I go surfing sometimes, I was thinking about going today, is anyone down to go?

Thom:  I'm down, at least I will jump in the water, so...I guess that means we're done here, nice catching up.